Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wow! This is COOL!

Fort Worth, Texas; 04/27/06; For Immediate Release

Amalgamated Aardvark Industries, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aardvark Worldcorp N.A. (not affiliated with Aardvark Sushi and Bait, Aardvark Tattoo and Tea Parlor, or Aardvark Fashion Consulting and Farm Supply), has a product in development that will completely transform the field of written electronic communications.


How many times have you carefully crafted a missive only to discover that ewe used the wrong homophone, punctuated poor’ly, left words, done made grammatical errors, used wrong words that may of may not have shared betters with the word you thought you were typing, or just realized that what you wrote had another meaning entirely (Honestly, Honey? Those jeans DO make your butt look phat!). And naturally, your discovery is made AFTER the email has left your control.

Let’s face it, Spell-Check can only do so much. Which is why Amalgamated Aardvark Industries is working so hard on Intent-check®. Intnt-chek®’s advanced algorithms will recognize what you MEANT to say and make sure you have a change to chance your words BEFORE its to late.

Imagine the peace and prosperity that Entent-cheque® will bring!

Our software ingeneers are working night and day on this exciting new product and have promised to have it ready to ship by __/__/__ (do we have a date yet?)

In fact, this very News Releese was produced using our Intint-chek® beta!!!

Investors interested in funding future Amalgamated Aardvark Industries productucts, should direct their inquiries to: Please be sure to include your bank account number and routing information.

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