Wednesday, April 19, 2006

In the words of Admiral Ackbar


So, I get to work this morning to find that MY internet is back on, but several of my coworkers still don’t have access.

Oh, sure, they SAY that they started bringing back up the hiring managers first, but I think they just wanted a smaller pool of suspects.

As Indy’s friend told him after uncovering a tomb filled with poisonous snakes, "It could be dangerous. You go first."

(And no, I’m really not that paranoid, but it makes good copy…)

[Editor's Note - 7 PM

Ok, I'm not sure this is going to work all that great.

First of all, they (work) added all the legal gobbledygook to my email and so that shows up, which means I'll need to email to Yahoo or my home ISP and then edit and forward from there.

And second of all, hard returns are double spacing instead of single spacing.

And third of all, editing reveals all sorts of HTML code that evidently is embedded in my email (fonts, font size, spans and who knows what else), probably because I have HTML selected as my default style (instead of plain text). Which is all ok, I guess, unless you actually want to, you know, EDIT the thing to remove all the extra lines and legal clauses ('cause I'm OCD about some things), in which case all that HTML stuff makes it hard to find what you actually wrote, so you're more than likely (at least in my case) to delete stuff you didn't intend to.

Oh, well. It's too early to give up yet. I'll try posting by email a different way tomorrow.]

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