Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Episode VII – Wookie for hire

(Don’t ask me, I just write the things…)

Well, it’s been an interesting month months quarter year.

I consider myself a silver-lining type of guy.

(As an aside, some of the most negative people I’ve ever met SWEAR they are positive people and that negativity drives them crazy. Not sure that’s relevant, but I’ll let the reader decide.)

Here lately, the silver I’ve been finding is looking a bit tarnished. That’s not to say that I’ve got worse troubles than anybody else. In fact, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve got it better than I deserve. Way better. That doesn’t necessarily translate into a pot overflowing with gratitude, though, even if it should.

I’ve survived two job changes in the last year, and even though I’m working fewer hours I feel twice as busy as ever.

Last Summer we moved Mrs. A’s mother from the Houston area to Ft. Worth, which, while being better for everyone, means that there is much more involvement on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis.

The Eldest Aardvark Child has transitioned from high school Senior to college Freshman, and we’ve had to deal with a whole slew of issues related to the transition from adolescence into adulthood, both with the child leaving home as well as the child still at home. Not least of which are the concomitant financial issues surrounding secondary education.

Last Fall, my Dad decided to break his hip. (Nothing better to do, I guess) He is now living with my oldest brother in Washington state. (Those last two sentences qualify for entry into the Colossal Understatement of the Year category)

Last Fall, the Youngest Aardvark Child decided that she would defy gravity and fall UP the stairs at school, hurting her wrist in the process. Several expensive doctor trips later they discovered she had a radial fracture, which is hard to see on the X rays until it begins to heal. Much band related trauma ensued.

Last Fall, the EAC decided to combine asthma with Sharpie fumes and spent a couple weeks recuperating. Not much fun for everyone involved.

Last Fall I decided to get sick with what I was convinced at the time was Hepatitis A. Dehydration and just a general malaise for weeks and weeks. Tests of my liver enzymes came back all wacky, but the Hepatitis panel was negative. Go figure.

Since school started, the EAC decided that boys weren’t quite as icky as she’d traditionally held. Not being satisfied to find a suitable suitor locally, she decided she liked a boy she’d met on the internet. From Georgia. Then she decided that she needed to talk to him. Incessantly. Using an unholy amount of rollover minutes. Necessitating some suggested behavioral changes in usage patterns and the like.

In a perhaps related development (sleep deprivation from staying up all hours talking on the phone, anyone?), this Spring the EAC had another round of illness requiring several trips to the doctor and several weeks of recovery. Part of the recovery involved taking large doses of steroids which in turn wreaked havoc with her sleep patterns, which in turn made her just a real FUN person to be around (or not).

Three weeks ago, Mrs. A managed to adroitly misstep (not an easy feet feat) on the steps and broke two bones in her foot. She has been a trooper, but being inactive is torture for her. Not to mention that it seriously cramps her style.

Last week, the Boy From Georgia (BFG) came and stayed with us all week. He’s a nice kid. And I think we all had a nice time. But it did add a certain level of stress to the week on top of everything else.

Sunday, I took the EAC back to school. Today, she called informing us that she’d fallen in her rollerblading class (1 hour PE credit) and then called later AFTER she’d been to the doctor to tell us that it was most likely a broken tailbone. No physical activity for 4 weeks. Swell.

We’ve had good health insurance now since February 1st. In those six weeks, we’ve had an ultrasound on my liver (it’s fatty – go figure) an MRI on Mrs. A’s foot and a CT scan on Mrs. A’s foot. Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway), all of our deductibles have been met for the rest of the year.

This is the part where I just need to say “Wah”, take a deep breath and get over it.






(I’m still working on the other part)

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