Monday, January 23, 2006

Where to begin?

Well, silly. At the beginning, of course.

It was warm and cozy. I felt as if I was floating……Oh, wait. Too far back.

Shortly after I was (re)hired, I met with my boss and her boss to discuss what my goals would be for 2006. Little did I know at the time that one of those goals was going to be pushed so far up the list that they wanted it January 1st, 2006. Yikes!! We compromised and now it’s more likely to be January 31st.

Mostly, it’s just process improvement stuff, developing a tool to use instead of using the traditional seat-o'-the-pants methodology. And I have to work with a consultant who can be a little too far to one end of the pushy/opinionated scale for most folks. Which is fine, except when he thinks that a process works thusly, and it doesn’t. In fact, the process is so far away from working thusly, that it wouldn’t be able to even recognize thusly in makeup and heels.

Anyway, I find it funny, in both the odd and amusing senses, how something that a company has never had before can become something they can’t live without once they hear about it. I am in no way inferring or meaning to infer that my bosses are childish, but it does remind you of a kid who is perfectly content with what they have until they realize another kid has something else.

I will say that, when everything is done, it will be pretty cool, with lots of bells, whistles, doohickeys, thingymabobs and whatnots. And so easy to use that a three fingered monkey could look like a star.

Hmmm. That may explain that recruiting ad I saw targeting chimpanzees with sawmill experience...

Nah. Must be for a different project.

And, I know y’all are probably as tired of hearing that the blogging should improve (as a quantitative measurement only, mind you) as I am of saying it, but there is hope. And yeah, I know I’ve said that before…

But this time I mean it. Kind of like the title to one of Ray Stevens' serious songs (you did know he had other stuff besides the silliness, didn’t you?) -

Just Give Me One More Last Chance.

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