Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Stinkers win! Stinkers win!

Some of you may recall that last year I was in a free Yahoo Fantasy Football league set up by one of the guys at my church. The way these leagues work is that you play the first 13 regular season games to determine your playoff position 1 - 8, and then the last 3 regular season games are run as the playoffs. I did so well last year that going into the playoffs, I was in first or second place. I had Peyton as my QB, and he was burning up the NFL in 2004. Then, since the Colts had a playoff spot sewn up, they started benching their starters beginning in, oh, about week 14. Which meant my fantasy team took a sharp nose dive in the playoffs, losing in the first and second round before winning the last game to place 7th instead of 8th. Whoopee.

This year, I agreed to play again. Since I couldn’t remember what I called my team last year (Rabble Rousers, as I later recalled), I decided on the Stinkers. That way if they did stink, I could at least play the “I told you so” card. I put exactly zero effort into the draft, just taking the random players assigned by the computer. Some of the other folks in the league spent a lot of time on the draft and signing free agents and customizing their line-ups and such. Me, I just tried not to play anybody with a bye that week.

Through the random luck of the draw, this year I got Drew Brees, Tiki Barber, Antonio Gates and the Giant’s defense. I started those four all year (except for the bye weeks) and wound up with a 9-3 regular season record. Good enough for a tie for 3rd place. Through whatever logic, I was assigned the 3rd seed ahead of the other team with a 9-3 record.

The Stinkers won in week 14. And then did it again in week 15.

Huh. Who would have thunk it? The Stinkers were in the championship game. Investing enough time in week 16 to ensure that I wasn’t playing anybody who was in a full-body cast, I once again went with my standard line up.

And what’d’ya know. Them Stinkers won again.

Just goes to show ya, life ain’t fair.

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