Thursday, November 03, 2005

The EAC - She so funny!

Excerpted from my daughter's blog...

I've learned a lot in my art classes....

1) Sharpies are evil. Burn them.
2) Black is always in fashion when it's charcoal season.
3) It's normal to look like you just escaped from the fingerprinting room in a prison.
4) Don't talk to people. You just might actually get work done.
5) Painting works best for those who actually know how to do it.
6) Dried paint smells even funnier than it does when wet.
7) You're always a perfectionist until perfection is required. Then you could care less.
8) Ignore the teacher's music...Odds are it's Bob Dylan...
9) Always take some form of caffeine...If nothing else, it'll wash down the charcoal dust.

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