Tuesday, October 11, 2005


We took advantage of the fact the EAC was in town to have our Christmas picture taken Sunday afternoon. This early in the year, things aren't quite as hectic as they get from mid-November through December.

And, yes, I did take something along to occupy myself with so as to not get on everyone's nerves.

The kid running the front of the studio might have been 19, but if so, he just turned 19. He seemed to semi-know what he was doing, even if he wasn't the friendliest mall employee you'll ever meet. He did have one linguistic tic that just grated on me, though. Instead of saying, "Be sure to bring this receipt with you when you return," he said, "Be sure to bring this receipt wich-choo when you return."

The first time he said it (to some of the folks ahead of us), I thought maybe he was just kidding around. Nope. He said it every time. The weird part was, he pronounced all of his other words correctly. And he didn't have a distinct regional accent either.

By about the fourth or fifth time I heard it, I could feel the muscles in my neck begin to bunch up.

On the bright side, since he wasn't overly friendly, he didn't ever acknowledge the next person in line. Which means he never said, "I'll be right wich-choo."

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