Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Opportunities I have missed that, in hindsight, probably worked out for the best

We have some pretty straight-laced churched-up folks in our community. One of whom is a woman who happens to be on the school board. And a friend of Mrs. A.

Mrs. A related to me a conversation they had about us taking dance classes. Her school board friend was on the edge of being scandalized about the whole thing. "Isn't that lascivious?" she asked.

Saturday, the YAC had her first band competition of the year. Having been to these things before, I brought along a crossword puzzle book to pass the time between bands. It just so happens that I had the book open to the section containing cryptograms, and they were on both sides of the page.

As the school board lady walked in front of me (one row down), she looked at my puzzle book and said, "What is that?" I told her they were cryptograms.

After a little thought, I wish I'd have said they were the Satanic verses and I was translating them.

After a little more thought, I decided my first answer was best.

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