Monday, October 17, 2005

Much ado

Managed to roll out about 4:00 AM on Saturday so that we all could get showers before leaving about 5:45 to head down the interstate to Belton, Texas (pop. 14,623). It was Parent's Weekend, and so, as parents, it seemed only right that we make an appearance. Breakfast was at 8:30 and consisted of a mixture of eggs and sausage, with just enough green pepper to make everything taste like, well, green pepper. Rolled into a tortilla, it made a nice green pepper breakfast burrito. Fortunately, there was OJ and coffee in plentiful supply.

Combined with breakfast was a "Meet da Perfessor" (at least I assume that was the working title) event where a large percentage of the faculty was present (hopefully with a large percentage of their faculties) and arrayed around the edge of the room. Met the English teacher, the Speech teacher (with whom I managed to NOT blurt out, "My daughter says you tell lame jokes just like me"), the Art teacher (who doubles as the Design teacher BTW) and, well, the Economics teacher. Not that the EAC has Economics, mind you, but we were standing next to him waiting for the Art teacher to free up and, well, conversations happen.

Biggest disappointment of the morning was finding out the tailgate party in the Wal-Mart parking lot had been cancelled. Bummer. It was suggested that we could attend the Women's Volleyball match at 11:00 AM instead. So, we did. Mrs. A and I both decided, seperately, that we needed to go to the little room before taking our seats in the stands, so we sent the children off, unsupervised, to find some seats. Upon returning, we sat down next to them and started looking around. Hmmm...seems to be an awful lot of folks with Yellowjacket paraphenalia on. Which is fine, except we're the Crusaders. Oh well. Just try to sit small.

The girls had never been to a volley-ball match before, and while Mrs. A and I could say we've been, it's been so long, we can't remember when. I knew the rules were a little different than when I learned them - like not having to serve to score, but I had no idea whether a match was the best 2 of 3 or the best 3 of 5. Turns out it's the latter. I also had no idea what score constituted a game. When it didn't stop at 15, Mrs. A and I guessed 21. Wrong. Turns out it's 30. Huh. Well, wha'd'ya know?

We watch our girls whup up on their girls for 2 1/2 games and then decided it was time to go get some lunch before going to the football game.

I guess I'll finish later.

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