Friday, October 07, 2005

It's not like I have anything to say...

But what better place to not say anything?

Yesterday was filled with a bunch of work stuff and I pretty well kept busy hopping from one foot to the other. Today shapes up to be more of the same. At least I got an earlier start at it.

Hopefully, I'll get to cut out a little bit early this afternoon. The EAC has a long weekend, not having classes until next Wednesday, and so I'm heading down to Belton to pick her up this evening. If I can leave around 4-ish, we can be back home before 10:00 without too much problem. Mrs. A can't go because she's going to the high school football game with the YAC.

I don't know what all has been planned for the weekend, but I'm hoping I'll get to watch a little football. I think we're having our Christmas picture taken on Sunday afternoon. Around these parts, one of the best times to schedule an appointment is during a Dallas Cowboy game - a significant number of people stay home to watch. That doesn't mean that the photo studio will be running on time, though, so it's best to take a book or something else to occupy the time. Otherwise you have to make do with pestering each other, and that tends to make Mrs. A a little edgy, if you get my drift.

The weather finally decided to give us a break. Two days ago the high was in the mid nineties. Yesterday the high was in the sixties. Of course, by Monday or so, we're supposed to be back to the high eighties, but the worst of the heat is done for. Yesterday was overcast and cool and I couldn't help but think the only thing that could have made the day more "right" was if there was a football game going on. I used to think people were nuts when they talked about "football" weather. Now I get it.

The YAC doesn't have school today. I don't know why. Probably one of those "teacher in-service" days they have now days. (Never had those when I was in school, by crackie!) I think she and Mrs. A are supposed to go to Target for something or other and then do who knows what. If I remember correctly, I think the YAC is having her birthday pictures made. I'm sure there'll be more shopping involved before or after. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

Well, I've got to go finish making the tea and get started on the day.


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