Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Brain Teaser

Purely hypothetical, of course...

Executive (A) decides against the counsel of his Senior Management (B) and Management (C) to send job functions (D, E, F) to third party provider (G). In the course of transition, Management (C) discovers several items which need special handling. After discussing it with Senior Management (B), they determine a course of action, which Senior Management (B) confirms with Management of third party provider (H). Management (C) spends the better part of a day gathering and documenting materials which require special handling, segregating them and attaching written instructions on the proper course of action approved by Senior Management (B) and Management of third party provider (H).

Time passes.

What are the exact odds that the materials needing special handling will receive said treatment? And as a bonus for the particularly perspicacious among you, which party is most pleased with the decision to out-source?

For those who may need it, a critical hint (highlight with mouse to reveal):

Just when you think you've designed an idiot-proof solution, they build a better idiot.

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