Thursday, September 01, 2005

When you start with the conclusion

The rest is easy.

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been listening off and on to Air America. I view it as the audio equivalent of DU (that's Democratic Underground, not depleted uranium).

The last couple of days, as I caught portions of the Transference & Projection Without Reflection Show or the Speaking Truth To Power With A Glower Hour (I can't recall exactly) the hosts have really been lambasting GWB for his response to Katrina.

He didn't act soon enough.
He wasn't in Washington DC.
He didn't act forcefully enough to evacuate prior to the storm.
He didn't send enough military support after the storm.
He didn't raise the levees.
He didn't stop Global Warming.
He doesn't have enough Guard personnel because they're in Iraq.
He doesn't care about the people.
He hasn't stopped the looting.
He hasn't stopped price gouging.
He hasn't nationalized the oil industry.

You get the picture.

Of course it wouldn't have mattered if he HAD done any of these things. If he had, the folks at Air America would just switch their complaints.

He had no RIGHT to deprive people of their civil liberties by forcebly evacuating them from their homes.
It was WRONG to bring in the military and declare martial law BEFORE anything had occurred.
He is using this as his excuse to assume the dictatorial powers he has always craved.
He is using the whole crises as an excuse to fix prices for his evil oil buddies.
He is once again trying to bully people with a show of force instead of being more sensitive.

I think, for my next job, I'll become a critic. They seem to have it easy.

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