Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I can either use the next hour to blog.

Or I can use it to work.

And, since I spent the better part of yesterday on an unscheduled activity, I think I'll use today's time to work. Which means that yesterday's continuation will have to wait until tomorrow.


That unscheduled activity?

The owner of the company showed up yesterday with all of the money from the safe of our restaurant in Metarie, LA. Most of which had been underwater. Most of which was still dripping wet. Not to mention slimy. And stinky.

Fortunately we had a blow dryer and a supply of protective gloves, so I didn't actually have to touch the stuff directly. Ewwww!! Got it all dry and counted and today I get to take it to the bank for deposit and tell them it's their problem.

Anyway, as a result of spending yesterday with a batch of (literally) filthy lucre, I have WAY more to do today than I can possible accomplish.

See you tomorrow.

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