Friday, September 02, 2005

Fun with the YAC

Some days it's tough being a kid.

I'm not so old yet as to have COMPLETELY forgotten what it was like to be a teenager. And yet, not so young as to completely ignore bad behavior when it happens.

Yesterday's crisis was when the Youngest Aardvark Child found out that, out of all the people in the play, she had been paired with the boy who is the biggest jerk.

Drama ensued. Mothers were called. Feelings were soothed. (lather, rinse, repeat)

Since she's done with play practice about the time I would be getting home, it's my job to swing by the school and pick her up. That's fine by me. I usually get there a few minutes early and so I listen to the radio and play around on my PDA. My cell phone is where it normally is when I'm in the car alone - on the passenger seat. (If it rings, it doesn't startle me with the vibration and I don't have to have an accident fishing it out of my pocket)

So, the YAC gets to the car and opens the door, and before I can even say "Hi", she says "MOVE THAT!!!"

I did.

And after she was in, I told her, "You know, it's not a really good idea to piss-off the people in your life who are on your side and want to help you. It tends to be counterproductive." Perhaps I could have phrased it better. It did, however, make the point.

It was a quiet ride home.

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