Thursday, September 08, 2005

Friday Night Follies - Part II

Part I here.

I sit there for a minute, pondering the destiny of this girl. Will she be one of those that are still working at Griff's ten years from now? Still working from paycheck to paycheck? Still wondering why life never seems to give her a break? Will she ever realize her own role in determining her fate? Will she ever understand that behavioral patterns, once established, are difficult (but not impossible) to change?

I'm distracted from these thoughts by an influx of people through the side door.

Three of them come in and sit in the booth next to us. A cell phone rings and a bizarre conversation ensues. I can't recall any of it now, only the feeling that I really didn't want to hear it.

One of the main reasons I can't recall the conversation from the next booth is the entrance of a young man and woman, both still in their twenties. Based on the number of tattoos and piercings, my guess is that they are customers from just up the road. He has long stringy hair, loose jeans and a T shirt with some slogan or other on it. She is wearing capri length jeans and a System of A Down T shirt. They slouch as they stand, waiting for their food. They're getting it to go. Pity.

I wonder what drives them to get another tattoo or piercing. Are they angry? If so, at what? I wonder if they realize that with their tattoos and piercings that they have painted themselves into a small corner of their potential. How many doors will be closed to them because of how they look, how they dress? And does that feed the desire to rebel against the system by getting another badge marking their ostracism, which, ironically, makes it all the more complete?

The girl on break is now trying to butt into the conversation of some folks sitting two booths down from her. They either don't hear her, or decide to ignore her. I can't decide.

In the meantime, Mrs. A and I have finished the last of the SuperGiNormous burgers (with cheese) and fries and figure it's time to head for the stadium.

To be continued (again).

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