Monday, August 22, 2005

Someone at our house

Is having separation anxiety.

And I'll give you a hint. It's not me and it's not Mrs. A.

We got the EAC moved in to the dorm Saturday morning. It was really cool the way they had things organized with swarms of sweating young men and women ready and waiting to unload the cars and deliver the stuff to the rooms. We had two cars moderately full and I may have carried two or three boxes total. Usually by the time I had moved the car from the loading zone to the parking lot across the street everything had already been hauled into the dorm. Sweet.

Met the EACs roommate, her parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings. (Not only does she have a larger family, they all live closer to the school) Got the EACs computer checked out by the network guys, filled out forms, stood in lines, ate lunch, stood in more lines, filled out more lines, met the university president and his wife, ate their snacks and then it was time to go.

A few tears back in the lobby, but everybody was doing okay until the hall director came over and told the EAC it was okay to cry. Then the faucets opened up all around. (Except for yours truly, who merely sniffled a time or two) Since we had driven both cars, I was by myself on the trip back. Mrs. A says the YAC cried most of the way, at least until she fell asleep. She was predicably clingy the rest of the day.

Yesterday morning she was up earlier than the rest of us and we found her reading on her sister's bed. It's textbook grieving. We just worked at keeping her occupied and distracted and so far everything has been ok. Still, we'll keep an eye on her.

The rest of us are fine. It's still a little odd with the EAC gone and we haven't really had time to establish any new routines, so the old ones feel like they have a gap. That too is just a matter of time.

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