Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday morning

Time for a big, steaming-hot, cup of malaise. (Also good iced!)

Nothing you can put your finger on. Just that general sense of "eh, whatever" that sometimes comes without invitation and goes without even a "by your leave".

It might be because I'm sitting here wondering just what this week is going to produce. By week's end, we should have a pretty good grasp of the coming ch-ch-ch-changes in the office structure.

Then again, it could be because I'm a self-absorbed, narcissistic, weenie engaged in non-stop solipsism, and somehow that's harder to pull off at work than it is at home.

Nah. That can't be it.

(But it IS all about me, even so)

Anyway, I'm hoping that once I get into my work routine that I'll snap out of it.

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