Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The art of omphaloskepsis

Or, how it's all about me.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

- A couple of weeks ago, I changed the 6th AM preset on my radio to Air America. I listen to it when I'm bored with all the other presets. It amuses me.

- I'm having lunch today with a coworker from my previous job. She is one of the executive admins, and as such, may have the inside skinny on the possibility of going back there if here doesn't work out. I expect the biggest hurdle, by far, is that I'm not sure I WANT to go back there.

- I'm going to quit teaching Sunday School at the end of September. It's not that I'm tired of teaching or burned-out, but more that I have been a spectacular failure at developing folks to take leadership roles. They're perfectly happy letting Mrs. A and me do the heavy lifting. The best way to create the necessary changes is for me to step aside and promote to the next class. The plan is to start a new class in about three or four months - long enough for the new leadership of the existing class to become established. If I were to just start a new class without taking a short sabbatical all that would happen is the folks in the old class would just start coming to the new one and we'd be right back where we started. Anyway, I plan on doing a few things differently the next go 'round.

- I'm not going to Missouri to see my Dad over the coming holiday. With the expected changes at work, I'm not sure cutting out early Friday afternoon is such a good idea. Which means I'll actually spend Monday at home. Monday has been designated as "Clean the Garage" day. It IS Labor Day, after all.

- While typing this entry, I have stopped to make a pot of coffee and TWO pitchers of iced tea (sweet and unsweetened). The lady who normally does this fell at work a couple of weeks ago and broke her upper arm. (An object lesson in why you shouldn't run indoors) She has yet to return to work.

- Words I've saved this year from my Word-A-Day calendar: Octothorp, crapulous, obloquy, widdershins, quincunx, autochthonous, haplology, frigorific and nictitate.

- I've been nictitating this whole time.

- Watched the Lawrence Olivier version of Hamlet on PBS the other day. From back before he was Sir. I liked Mel Gibson's version much better.

- Speaking of Mel, I have an unopened copy of The Passion of the Christ sitting in the entertainment center. (It was a gift) I have yet to watch it. I will eventually, I'm sure, but I've never been of the opinion that it was something that HAD to be seen. (I mean, we have, somehow, managed for millenia without it)

- Other movies in the house I have yet to watch: Lonesome Dove (loaned to me with the instruction that I MUST watch it...that was at least 6 months ago), Everafter (owned by the YAC I think) and Labrynth (on loan from somebody).

- I've started re-reading the Wheel of Time (WoT) series from Robert Jordan. I'm up to book five, but have stalled out the last couple of weeks. Book 11 - The Knife of Dreams hits stores October 11th. Supposedly, there'll just be one more after this.

- I have yet to even come close to my Chuzzle score of last week. When I close my eyes I see exploding fur balls. I discovered that if you click on them they giggle, blink, sneeze and then lose all their fur (it grows back). Yes, I am a sick man.

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