Thursday, July 21, 2005

Dance, dance, yeah!

I've been accused of a lot of things, but being graceful has never been one of them.

I've never danced. Or even BEEN to a lot of dances. (I can probably count them on one hand) As far as I can tell, I come from a long line of non-dancers. Southern Baptists don't dance. (though it's not an official rule, just one of those things EVERYBODY knows you can't do) Many people think of this as a downside to being Southern Baptist. Not for me. Just one more excuse in the old arsenal, if you know what I mean. And really, I think me not dancing should be viewed as some sort of public service. Maybe even entitling me to a the key to the city, or a medal or something. Let's face it, the words "dancing" and "Aardvark" should only be used together if you're naming a pub or forming a combination zydeco/blues/metal/jazz/country/punk/polka band.

The thing is, Mrs. A has always wanted to dance with me.

So this year, it being our 20th anniversary and all, I finally agreed to take a community education class at TCU called "Dancing for the Rhythmically Challenged". (I think I qualify well enough) The teacher is a real nice guy and he's kept it pretty simple.

For good reason.

We are learning the basic steps to the merengue, the foxtrot, and swing. Of the three, I like the merengue the best (and as I recall, it's also good on pies...what? It's not the same?). Mrs. A and I have decided that we still need lots of work on the foxtrot. There are no trotting foxes (another good band name, by the way) when we take the floor. The way we dance, it's more aptly called the Aardvark shuffle. I think our biggest problem with the foxtrot is that you move around the floor and we keep running out of room. Well, maybe our BIGGEST problem is the moving your feet part, but the running out of room comes in a close second. And as for swing dancing...let's just say you want to give us A LOT of room on the dance floor so as not to get injured by a wildly flailing arm or leg. Is does seem to be good exercise though. And we do laugh a lot. Come to think of it, other folks seem to laugh a lot too...Nah, couldn't be related.

We have one more class to go and then a "graduation" party held at one of the local dance studios. I don't know about that, though.

They might expect me to dance.

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