Saturday, May 14, 2005

Caveat Lector (no relation to Hannibal)

I am sorry, my friends, for having been away so long. I tried to blog this past Monday, but once again RE-learned the old rule of compose off-line and save before posting on-line. I was about twenty minutes into it when the computer locked up. In other words, the blog ate my homework.

So, rather than a coherent (or at least an ATTEMPT at coherent) post, here’s a bunch of random stuff in no particular order. You should be used to that by now.


Been helping Mrs. A deliver and pick up flocks of flamingos. Which was particularly fun the night we got an address to deliver to that was too new to be on any on-line maps. That night we had to split up, with Mrs. A going North and me going SE. I made my delivery about 9:00 and was headed back when the phone rang. It was Mrs. A saying that the map had lied and that the address she was looking for was nowhere around where it had said. When we both got home, we figured out that the on-line map was just giving us the center of the zip-code since it couldn’t find the street. So, about 10:00, I headed back out armed only with the address and my wits – which means I was armed only with the address. I found the street by using the street number to narrow down where it could be. Once I found the new sub-division I knew I’d be able to find the street. Sure enough I found it (it was all of two blocks long), but then the house numbers weren’t on the curb so I had to do some more sleuthing to figure out what house I wanted. I managed to get home before 11:00.


The new job is still more like playing than working. I’m just as busy, in fact maybe more so judging by my blogging availability, but it doesn’t seem like work. Mostly I think it’s because my old job was about a nine on the complexity scale and this job rarely gets past a three. On my worst off day, I’m still at least twice as good as the two people I replaced. Combined. It’s not that I’m so good. They were just sooooooo bad. An old boss of mine would have said, "Those two needed help falling down stairs."


The Eldest Aardvark Child is in her last few days of school. Monday night we attended the school bored (yes, I spelled that correctly) meeting where she was presented as the valedictorian. She took her last (#4) AP test of the year on Wednesday. The band concert, where she also played the piano solo she’s taking to the State competition on Labor day weekend, was Thursday. The talent show (she played piano – music from the old Mario Brothers games – which was a big crowd pleaser) was yesterday, and prom is tonight.


My baby’s all growed up.


I’m going to a buddy of mine’s 50th birthday party this evening. At least to put in an appearance. He told me a friend’s wife had a "princess" party on her 50th birthday and so he figured if she could do that, HE could have a "cowboy" party. My closest vision of what that will be like is very similar to the campfire scene from Blazing Saddles. Best stop there.


Mrs. A and I celebrate our 20th anniversary this coming Wednesday. I think she got the short end of the stick, but I’ve sure been lucky the last twenty years. Fortunately for me, I asked her to marry me when she was having a weak moment.

We have no "big" plans for the day – this month is consumed by a certain high school graduate (whose 18th birthday is Thursday, the day after our anniversary). But we do plan on at least going out for dinner. She wants her rings sized (they’re too big) and I want what I’ve wanted every year for my anniversary …

(Practical, that’s me)


Since I go to work a little later now, my radio routines are different. One of the stations has a "commercial free" music hour from 8 to 9. Of course they have to interrupt the music to announce, "this commercial free music hour is brought to you by …"

As Inigo Montoya would say, "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

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