Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Where was I?

Oh, yeah. The new job.

I think the part of the new job that I'm going to appreciate the most, and certainly the part my family will like best, is the lack of working weekends. If, for some reason, I DID need to work on Saturday, the building is only open from 9-3. And not at all on Sunday. It's been nice being able to get things done (well, really just a FEW things, 'cause I'm not nearly as ambitious as SOME folks (or as Mrs. a would like for that matter)) on the weekends. Two weeks ago I took a couple of hours Saturday morning to go and practice bells at church. (We were playing the next day and the bell choir is short a person so I'm playing 7-8 bells instead of the normal 3-4. And I needed the extra practice on picking up and throwing down - well not really throwing - more like dropping - with prejudice - bells. I'm told I look like a three armed gibbon on speed - whatever that means...) This past Saturday we washed the cars, trimmed the trees, mowed the yards, put out the weed-n-feed, and watered it in all before lunch. Which still left plenty of time for me to get my hairs cut.

There are problems at the new job, though. But that's one of the big reasons they hired me. Everywhere you look there's a problem. Mostly for two reasons. One is that the company has never really changed into the information age. They still have processes in place to do things the way they did 20 and 30 years ago. The good news on that is that the processes can be performed by people with minimal skills, since everyone only has a little piece of the whole. The bad news is that it takes twice as many low-skilled folks to do the work as it would having folks with higher skills (who you could pay at 1.5 times the rate of the low-skilled folk and wind up saving both time AND money). The second problem is that the supposedly "skilled professionals" they had minding the store were neither skilled nor professional. Everything they touched smells. Not of anything shady, though. Just your run-'o-the mill, everyday incompetence. Squared and then squared again. It's as if their motto was "anything worth doing is worth attempting half-a-dozen times before sweeping the botched mess behind the door where we hope no one will ever find it." The Big Dog (my boss) and I have an expression that is probably said three to four times a day, and it's best delivered while shaking your head in disbelief at what your eyes are seeing, "This ain't rocket surgery." It's all job security, though, since it'll take at least a year to straighten everything out.

Add to that the new software they installed last year (which looks good but was obviously designed by people who never actually DID what the software is supposed to do) and the lack of any checks and balances and you get a picture of why I don't have any time to blog at work anymore. Every day is a new adventure. Which is why I love going to work! (No, really.) This is the sort of thing that I like to do. It's like working a big puzzle with a kajillion pieces.

Oh, and every so often there's free food involved. (Now it's starting to make sense!)

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