Friday, April 15, 2005

Tres chic, daaahling

We went to an art show last night.

Of course, it was at the high school, and had selected pieces from Kindergarten students on up, but it was an art show nonetheless. The Eldest Aardvark Child had half a dozen pieces on display, several of which drew first place awards. She won a first place ribbon for her still life, her pastel and her paper piece.

Her pencil drawing (which literally is a drawing where everything is made out of pencils, and the colorings are mostly pinks and yellows with some tan and black) came in 2nd. The title was "When Pencils Attack" and had a pencil dragon fighting a pencil warrior. Think St. George and the Dragon and you're about there.

We were told that the District Superintendent had been there when they were doing the judging and said that he'd pay (money even!) to have the paper piece. It's title is "Eowyn" (LoTR, naturally) and it's a womans face made with layers of paper (cut out of course) done in different shades of gray (or grey for you more sophisticated types). Next to the 2 foot tall spider man panel (markers) hanging in our bedroom, this is one of MY favorite pieces too. It's a good thing the EAC didn't hear about the money comment or she'd be likely to sell it. Time enough for that know, when she's famous and it's worth more.

Her oil painting of a woman standing in a lake (which for SOME reason I can't look at without saying, "Some watery tart flips you a sword and that's your basis for governing?"...though she swears that's not what the piece is "about") only got an "Honorable Mention". And of course that bothered her the most. This is the piece she took to the Area competition. She got a '3' on it ('4' is top honors and advances you to State) and everyone else from her school received '2's, so she was sure this would be the piece that would get top honors at the art show. We had to remind her that art is subjective and that the folks judging this show obviously (were flaming idiots that wouldn't know good art if it...) liked different things.

There were pieces by several other people there too, I think...

The Middle School pieces were mostly just ok. The technique I though was clever was to take a coloring book picture of an animal, cut it out, paste it to a large piece of paper and have the kids draw the "rest" of the picture to put it in context. The group I was most impressed with were the 3rd and 4th graders. The art teacher at their school made them do pieces in the styles of different artists and then grouped them together with the name of the artist they were imitating. The Kindergarten to 2nd grade art pieces looked like, well, Kindergarten to 2nd grade art pieces. They were the kind of things you would normally see showcased prominently on a refrigerator.

The comment of the night came from one of the High School counselors. The EAC has been the top student in her grade from day one, and this particular counselor just realized who she was about a month ago when the EAC happened to speak to her one day. "EAC? You mean THE EAC?" "Yeah, that's me." Anyway, the counselor was checking out the art and after seeing the EAC's paper piece said, "I thought she was just smart."

Well, I guess that's enough bragging for one day. (At least on-line...)

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