Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I never thought I'd say this

But I have a problem with cookies. (Thank goodness it's only the computer kind!!)

Here's the problem...Mrs. A and I have to share. Now, normally, this is ok, but since I don't blog from work anymore, it's becoming more of a problem. (I haven't told her yet, so let's just keep this between us, ok?) Specifically, I'm talking about comment cookies. All the cookies on the home computer are set to Mrs. A's information. So, whenever I want to leave a comment, I either have to change all THAT info over to the good info (mine, of course), which creates the problem if her having to switch everything back when she wants to comment (not real user- or wife-friendly), or piggyback on her name by signing my name in the body of the comment (which could get confusing if I "accidentally" forget - I am passive-aggressive, you know), or just post as her (which could be fun...at least until I got caught), or just skip it. So far, I've mostly just skipped it.

Anyway, until I figure out a work-around, my commenting may be sporadic.

(Like it wasn't already?)
(I said sporadic, not spastic.)
(Sporadic, spastic, whatever.)
(Don't start with me, me.)
(Don't start with me, me...)
(Right, that's it!)
(Bring it on, fat boy!)

Uh, y'all may want to move on, this in-infighting could get ugly.

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