Friday, March 04, 2005

As the stomach churns

My blogging time has been severely limited...and it's starting to really bother me.

But I don't know if there's anything I can do about it. So...


I had a super-secret errand of my own to run last night. It went well and I had a follow-up task or two to handle today and now it's just a wait-and-see game. As far as I can tell (and I have an insider) all the lights on the control panel are showing green.


The choir director called me a couple weeks ago and asked if I'd consider singing the Easter music with them, since they were losing a couple of guys to the drama side of things. I figured that if he was desperate enough to ask me, the least I can do is help him out.

He's a nice kid. And I mean that. He might be 25 or 26 and is still working on his music degree from the seminary. He takes his responsibilities seriously. Perhaps too seriously. Let me give you an example.

One of the songs we're singing has the phrase, "Oh Lord, yet not my will but thine be done." There is a dramatic pause between the words "will" and "but". He didn't like our Southern intonations of the word "but" and so he coached us on the vowel sound he wanted. So we sang that for him. At which point he said, "Now let's sing that again, only this time we're going to hold the 'but'." And of course, heathens that we are, the whole choir broke out in laughter which lasted for several minutes. Not only was he embarrassed that something he'd said could be misinterpreted so, I think he was actually worried that his use, or really his NON-use of the word "butt", would have offended someone. Like a man in his position should not be using such "rough" language.

Oh, please. Give me a break. I wonder what he would think about the comment I made a couple of weeks ago about a piece of tape that was on the couch. "Where did this come from? Oh, that's the tape that was wrapped around my wire nuts." (I had replaced the capacitor in one of the touch lamps earlier that day) For some reason, this made CERTAIN members of my household begin to laugh hysterically.

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