Friday, February 04, 2005

My night to howl

Or whoofle, or snort, or grunt, or whatever it is that Aardvarks do - was scheduled for tonight. The Big Dog and I were going to go paint the town red. Of course, over the last few years the shade of red keeps getting paler and paler. I think at our rowdiest we barely qualify for pastel pink. Our old hangout has live music on the weekends, but it doesn't start until 10 PM. We used to get there early (before they start collecting the cover charge), eat dinner, shoot some pool and hang out through at least the first set of whatever band was playing. Nowadays, we get there early, eat dinner, talk for a while, debate going to a movie, and usually pull the plug about 8 or 8:30. We're wild men, I tell you.

Anyway, since I was working so much, it's been quite a while since we've had a boy's night out. And it will have to wait another week.

As you can read about here, Mrs. A was going to treat herself to the Stubbs exhibit at the Kimball today. Until the EAC took ill. Of course, her Mom genes kicked into high gear and now she just "can't" go. She doesn't want to leave the EAC home alone while she's sick. So, the NEW plan is that I'm going to come home this evening and TAKE her to the Kimball. We can leave the YAC there to keep an eye on her sister, and we'll get some time alone to do something that's near the top of Mrs. A's list - looking at horses. (My list has something else at or near the top, as Mrs. A well knows, but the two MAY turn out to be related. Or not.) I've already called the Big Dog and he's ok with postponing until next week.

Plus it gives me another reason why I can't work late. And I'll still be home before 9.

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