Friday, February 11, 2005

My, my...where DOES the time go?

I've been dealing with a rent-a-boss for a couple of weeks now. He's an ok guy with a lot of great ideas on how to change and improve things. Except he was told when he was hired that he wasn't here to change or improve things, just maintain the status quo.

He's not the type to let a little thing like that get in his way.

Anyway, he's had me jumping through hoops getting ready for a presentation to the Executive Committee. Did I mention that Aardvarks aren't known for their jumping abilities?

The changes he's had me make are all good ones. My only, well ok, not ONLY, (but biggest will work) complaint is that he is so focused on presentation that he has overlooked the data. I don't care how pretty it looks, if the information in the presentation is wrong, you don't get any credit for style.

So yesterday, we're in a first-pass/dry-run with the owners, and we get to the meat of the data and he says, "Well, I really haven't audited this yet, so the information may change." Grrrr. GRRRRRR. GRRRRRRRRR!!! (My co-workers have the same complaint, so it's not just me.)

I figured out last night what he's doing. He's converting everything we produce into the formats HE'S comfortable and familiar with. That makes his job easier. And ours harder. And because he doesn't want to dig in to what we normally produce, he wants everything changed NOW, not later. So instead of saying, "This is fine for this time, but the next time you produce this report, change this, this and this," he says, "Change this, this and this. We shouldn't be producing reports this way."

Let's just say it's not a big morale boost to hear that EVERYTHING that everyone is doing is all wrong. Maintain the status quo. Heh. Indeed. (Thanks Dr. Reynolds)

Anyway, I think he's about done changing everything I do, so things should start settling down.

No, really. This time I mean it.

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