Friday, February 11, 2005

In order to serve me better, or not

Well, I just discovered a NEW feature of Bloooger that they've added this last week.

I like a little separation between the last line of my posts and the by-line. So I normally add a blank line to the bottom of my posts. When Bloooger added the WYSIWYG "Compose" option, if I added a blank line to the bottom, it was ignored. BUT, you could still use the "Edit HTML" screen to add the blank line.

I noticed today that the blank line is now ignored even in the "Edit HTML" screen. Wow, thanks Bloooger, you gave me another new feature I didn't even want. (Good thing the price is right, eh?)

So, how did I get the blank line to appear at the bottom?
I just added a letter ('a' usually) and changed the text to white.

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