Thursday, December 23, 2004

Shalmanezer dreams in his cryogenic sleep

Ok, that's an obscure reference, but then again, I've been pretty obscure here lately myself. 200,000 bonus points if anyone knows where that quote comes from.

Thanks to the folks who've emailed me to check if I was still around. Yep. Still here. Just not here, if you know what I mean.

Things have been crazy, mad hectic and something had to slip, and since this is a completely voluntary activity and most everything else isn't ...

But don't give up on me just yet. Like MacArthur, I will return.





My guess is sometime in mid-to-late January. I have a big work deadline on the 20th, and assuming I meet it, things should take a dramatic turn towards normalcy after that. At least as normal as *I* can get, anyway.

I have been able to attend the Youngest Aardvark Child's play (both nights) and Christmas Band Concerts for both Aardvark Children (different nights) as well as a piano recital in which both children were scheduled to perform, but only the YAC did since the EAC had to work. (SOMEONE (the EAC) was supposed to ask off for that evening, but didn't until it was too late to do anything about it. There were tears and trauma, but I think she learned a valuable lesson in the process.) Mrs. A and I managed to make it to the work Christmas Party and the Sunday School Christmas Party without incident. And we've played handbells for church twice in the last couple of months. So there have been some respites from work.

I haven't been working QUITE as many hours here lately, mostly because my candle is about burned out. Fortunately, being able to actually complete an assignment or two every now and then provides enough satisfaction to keep me coming back for more. I was surprised last week to receive an additional bonus for the extra work I put in on the major project we've had going on since September. It was unexpected and unusual that bonuses would be given and, as a result, made it all the more satisfying to receive the recognition (not to mention the cash).

Mrs. A's mother is still living with us. She had a doctor's appointment this morning, and depending on how that went, it's possible that she may return home to Houston on Tuesday. We really don't think she should live by herself and so far away, but short of getting her declared incompetent, I don't see much way of stopping her from doing what she wants. We were suggesting something along the lines of "assisted living" arrangements where she wouldn't have to cook and could get some assistance with her meds, but she has resisted every suggestion along those lines. And poor Mrs. A, it doesn't matter what she does, she is "wrong". If she helps her mom, she's accused of "not letting" her mom do more for herself. If she doesn't help her mom, she hears the "why didn't you ..." routine. It's also been hard on the kids. Not only are their routines interrupted and altered because grandmother is in the house, but they see how much Mrs. A does and how little appreciation is shown for it. It has caused them more than a little stress from time to time.

It's been a very frustrating time - more for Mrs. A than me, since I spend 90% of my waking hours at work, but it's also been a very necessary thing for us to do. Hopefully, we have learned a lesson on how to act when we are in a similar situation years down the road. I also think it's important to show the kids how to "honor your parents" even when the parent in question hasn't done much to deserve such treatment. And that we should always do the right thing even when, perhaps especially when, it's not easy. When Mrs. A and I are old (er), I want my kids to look out for us the way we are for Mrs. A's mom. Only hopefully, we'll be more cooperative. And pleasant. Did I mention pleasant?

Anyway, there have been a kajillion little things that would normally prompt a blog entry, but that I've just had to let go. And once gone, I promptly forget about, so there's no going back and catching up. The only hope is that the same thing will happen again so that I can remember it as new and write about it then.

Remember, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. (and a waist is a terrible thing to mind, but that's a different thing altogether)

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