Monday, November 01, 2004

Let me call you sweetheart

I've never worn a suit to a football game. Before last Friday, that is.

The last home game of the year is the Sweetheart game. The football team picks their sweetheart from the trainers/band/cheerleaders and the band picks their sweetheart from ... the band.

Since the Eldest Aardvark Child is a Senior, we were kind of hoping that she'd at least get nominated for Band Sweetheart and sure enough she was one of three candidates. And I got to be her escort! Hence, the suit.

Normally the girls get to wear a fancy dress, but since the band is going to State this year, the band teacher insisted they wear their uniforms and march the half-time show. So, no dress. (I figure I ought to tip the teacher a $50 or so, since he just saved me a bundle, but then again, I'm a guy and I'm sure the gals have another opinion)

One of the other candidates is a very popular girl, and so I had been working on the EAC, telling her that it was cool just to be nominated and that sort of thing. Mind you, I think she SHOULD win, but just because I think something doesn't make it so (see: Moore, Michael, existence thereof). They marched their show and then it was time for the dads to take their spot on the sidelines. The EAC ran off the field and took her hat off. The clock for half-time was getting pretty low, so the announcer didn't dawdle naming the Football Sweetheart. It was the popular girl! And since she was the Sweetheart to a bunch of sweaty, testosterone filled teenage boys, naturally she was awarded an ... autographed football.

Then it was time for the Band Sweetheart candidates to be announced. Each one had submitted a short bio which was read (out loud) by the announcer. I don't remember too much of it. And that's probably ok, since there wasn't anything in there that made me stop and wonder, "What'd he just say?" (You know, like changing her name to Hadijah and joining a commune) Anyway, we were the third set of candidates/dads out on the field and no sooner had we got turned around to face the crowd when the announcer announced in an announcing way, "And this year's Band Sweetheart is ... the EAC." Only, he didn't say "the EAC," he said her name, or at least one of the names she gets called around our house.

The look on her face was one of total shock. I have to admit I was a little surprised too. She got a bundle of flowers and a tiara which promptly fell off and had to be reinserted into her hair a couple of times to get it to stay put.

It was easy to spot her the rest of the night. Just had to look for the kid with an eight inch grin on a six inch face. Oh, and a glittery head.

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