Monday, November 22, 2004

I've gone beyond multi-tasking

I'm into omni-tasking these days.

Oh, I guess I should take a minute to introduce myself. My name's LittleA and I write a blog.

At least I used to until life jumped up and grabbed me by the ear and started dragging my sorry carcass hither and yon. (Which explains the odd tracks that have left even experienced trackers/woodsmen befuddled. Ewww.)

Ever the optimist, I keep expecting things to get better, but really this is just my way of psyching myself up to keep coming to work. I have to constantly narrow my focus to one day at a time, one task at a time. If I ignore all those other days/tasks, maybe they'll just go away? Silly boy.

I completed a job description this morning for a new position which will report to me. I put a chunk of what I am currently doing into this job description and my boss and I both agree, "That sounds like a full-time job." Well, yeah. And if I can sucker some poor slob into doing it, I may actually only have to do the work of 1.2 FTEs instead of 2.5. Image that...being in a managerial role and actually REVIEWING other people's work instead of hammering it all out yourself. What'll they think of next, phones that you can carry around with you? HA! As if.

One of the tasks that has fallen by the wayside is providing regular doses of drivelocity (high-speed drivel) to the several folks who, in a demonstration of either extreme courage or utter tastelessness, keep coming by this blog expecting to see new words at the top of the page. Well, not NEW words exactly (unless you count "drivelocity"), but at least a unique arrangement of OLD words.

Don't give up hope.


To the winners of the Beatrix Adams baby pool - hang in there. Composing poetry, even bad poetry such as what I'm capable of, requires a certain frame of mind - a creative sweet-spot if you will - that I have not been able to conjure. I haven't forgotten about you. But if I tried to jam rhyming words together right now, you'd likely wind up with something that would have to be given the benefit of the doubt to even be called crapaceous. I'd just as soon wait until I can actually put some effort into it. Not saying it still won't be crapaceous, mind you.

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