Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Core Dump

I don't really have time for this, but it's almost Thanksgiving and I just can't get motivated to jump into the next pile of vipers. (See Asp: Kicking)


Took Friday off as promised (threatened?) to attend the Preview Weekend at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Belton, Texas with Mrs. A and the Eldest Aardvark Child. Said child has already been accepted and has already received notice that she is ELIGIBLE for one of the hefty scholarships offered by the university. (now if she can only land it - it'll pay for 1/4)

The weekend was a chance to visit the campus, meet some of the students, faculty and staff, get information on housing and financial aid, etc. The EAC got to spend a night in the dorms and hang out with college kids and junk. We threatened to tie a rope around her ankle just to keep her in a reasonable proximity to Terra Firma (but everybody knows the only Aardvark allowed in the Macy's parade is that poser, Arthur). To say she was excited would be like saying Bill Gates has been a moderate success.


Facts about UMHB (or Oombah as we call it...funny, nobody else seemed to refer to it as such...)

- Established in 1845 as the female branch of Baylor (today approximately 40% of the student body is male).
- One of the small, private, Southern Baptist universities dotting the South/Southwest.
- Total undergrad enrollment of 2,700. 1,100 of those live in campus housing.
- Mascot is the Crusader, several campus organizations have "Sader" in their titles, though "The Cru" has become popular in recent years.
- No Fraternities or Sororities are allowed.
- No drinking allowed - on or off campus.
- Chapel is required for the first two years.
- Approximately 50% of the student body is Southern Baptist, 25% Non-Denominational, 10% Catholic with the rest being some other flavor of Protestant.


Having attended another "Christian" school - TCU, where the 'C' is silent - I can't tell you how shocking (in a refreshing way) it was to have students and staff talk openly about their faith. The first session started with prayer and one of the first things said was, "We hope that by the end of the weekend, you'll know if God is leading you to UMHB." Wow. The best part was that, through interaction and observation, you could tell this wasn't just a front the university put on for visitors, but really was the underlying culture of the university.


Attended Chapel with the college kiddos. Of course, being a special weekend, Chapel consisted of a concert put on by their (mostly) a capella choir - One Voice. I can tell you the vocal training provided by Oombah is top notch. Four sopranos, four altos, three tenors and three bass (or two tenors, two baritones and two bass at times) and every one of them had as natural, relaxed, effortless sound as you could ask for. They sang for almost 45 minutes without a flaw I could hear (and I like to think I hear more than most folks). I'm not going to tell you I'm an emotionally sensitive kind of guy, but for some reason my eyes just kept watering throughout the concert.


Shelled out the $150 for the housing deposit before we left on Saturday.


During one of the times when we were separated from the EAC, Mrs. A commented, "I think the EAC will like it here. She'll be able to find more kids like her."

"Nerds?" I asked.

"Well, I was thinking maybe more along the lines of Godly nerds," says Mrs. A.

Not an hour later, when the EAC had rejoined us, Mrs. A repeated her comment (about finding more kids like her) to the EAC.

"Nerds?" she asked.

I busted out laughing while Mrs. A just shook her head.

That's MY girl!!!


Got a new razor in the mail the other day. One of those free samples they send out every so often. Of course it only comes with one blade. The handle is cheap. Where they really get you is buying the replacement blades. Oh, what razor was it, you ask? Why the Schick Quattro!

So, I told Mrs. A to pack it for the weekend and I'd give it a try. (spending a weekend away with the spouse and a nice close shave...need I say more?) It worked ok, but I couldn't tell the difference between that shave and the shave I get from my normal two-blade razor. And the shaving head, with four blades, was rather large. It required you to hold it at a much more parallel angle to your face. For some reason, it reminded me of floating concrete. Anyone who's ever poured cement will know what I'm talking about. For the rest of you, how about when they drag the infield between innings?

Anyway, the Quattro worked ok, but I'm not going to drop my current blade in favor of the Quattro. I'm still holding out for the wall-mounted Octo.

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