Friday, October 22, 2004

Yes sir, that’s my baby

The Youngest Aardvark child was awakened with a rendition of “Happy Birthday” sung in two-part harmony (well the last part of it anyway). This is somewhat of a tradition for the Aardvarks. I also measured her up against the door frame. Little stinker has grown a full two inches since last year. Most of it in the last couple of months. She got to open a couple of presents (from her sister and from Grandmother) this morning, but she has to wait until tonight to reel in the rest of the haul. We got her a new CD/Cassette/Radio for her room (the last one died some months back) and a new portable CD player to replace the El Cheepo one she got as a prize in some fund-raiser or another.

We took her to dinner last night at TGI Friday’s (her choice). You know, following the Aardvark’s dinner conversation requires one to have a certain amount of the right kind of geekiness. (Fortunately, we specialize in geek, so it’s only awkward if we’re entertaining guests.) Many movie references were made and Mrs. A wound up with the best line of the night, remembering a line the rest of us had forgotten and inserting it at just the right moment. Plus, there was chocolate for dessert, so a good time was had by all. Guaranteed.

Just in case you don’t believe the Aardvark children carry their parent’s genes, I should also probably tell you that the YAC is getting the soundtrack to The Empire Strikes Back for her birthday as well. (Oooooo – Darth Vader’s theme!!!!) And yes, it WAS on her list. I’m so proud.

Happy Birthday sweetie!

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