Wednesday, October 20, 2004

With no particular place to go

Me and Chuck Berry.

Today is the first day in about two weeks when I haven't just been slammed. Don't get me wrong, I've got plenty to do and I'll be slammed by this afternoon, but since I managed to get to some semblance of a stopping spot in the project I've been working on (at 10:00 last night no less), I just haven't worked up to thinking about beginning to start motivating myself to jump into the next pile o' work. If you know what I mean.

So that means that today's drivel is extra drivelly since I haven't really planned where I'm going with it. I figured I'd just get on here and start typing and see what happens. In other words, more of the same.


Went to the Middle School Band concert on Monday night. The Youngest Aardvark Child plays oboe in the top band. Unfortunately, she sits on the second row right in the middle, so all I could see of her was her right ear. But you know how it is, being a parent and all, that was the cutest ear up there. The band sounded pretty good and for their last number they featured the trombone section - as well as the dad/school board member/preacher/professional musician guy who gives all the private lessons. (He's GOOD and a good guy to boot) All four trombonists stood in front of the band and they all played well. I do think, though, if it'd been MY kid standing up there, I'd have at least made sure their shirt was tucked in even if it wasn't ironed. Oh well.


Got online the other day and printed out the info on early voting. I figure I better go ahead and vote on Saturday so I don't have to worry about scheduling around work on the 2nd. Printed a sample ballet out and everything. I'm always amazed at how many offices there are where the person running is unopposed. This time the unopposed people are almost exclusively Republicans. Looks like the Democrats just gave up or something.

Arlington has the big Cowboy's stadium referendum on the ballot. They announced yesterday that folks should NOT be wearing any Cowboy's paraphernalia when they come to vote or they'll be asked either to remove it, change it, cover it or leave. Sounds kind of silly, but I guess it makes sense to keep the electioneering at the polls to a minimum (with zero, of course, being the standard). All I know is it's a good thing for the Cowboys I don't live in Arlington because I'd be voting no. I can't figure it out. If the new stadium ($650 MILLION!!!) is such a good deal and the Cowboys are putting up half the money, why can't they find venture capital folks who are willing to risk their PRIVATE money on the other half. Instead, they want the city to tax it's citizens and visitors to raise the other $325 million. Yes sir, nothing like taking more money from everyday folks to help those multi-millionaire franchise owners make a few more millions. I heard a song back in the early 80's that seems to apply - called "I'm Changing My Name to Chrysler". I still remember some of the lyrics, "So when they hand the million grand out, I'm gonna stand there with my hand out." I tell you what.


My friend, the Bigdog, is changing jobs. He's not only going to be the Bigdog at his new job, but he'll be the Big Cheese as well. He used me as one of his references. I did think it was odd that they called me for a reference AFTER they had offered him the job. See: cow, barn door. I asked the Bigdog what would have happened if I'd have thrown him under the bus (metaphorically, of course) resulting in a withdrawl of their offer. Since he'd already given notice to his current employer, it seems to me that that could get pretty ugly. Now, that DIDN'T happen, but I think it might be a good thing to know about the management of the company where he's going that it was even a possibility. Then again, I may just be over-analyzing. Again. (still)


The Eldest Aardvark Child has her band UIL competition this Saturday. They don't march in the preliminaries until after 3:00 PM and will need to stick around until the bands making the finals are announced. If they march in the finals, the judging won't be over until 10:00 PM or later. If they don't march in the finals, the band will still stay to see four or five bands that DO make the finals, just so the kids can see what they lost out to. Either way it's a late night. The YAC was not happy this morning when we told her that we were ALL going. There's a bonfire on Saturday night for the Youth at church that she wanted to go to. That's why we told her now, so that she can work through some of that, "IT'S NOT FAIR!" stuff ahead of time so hopefully she'll just be down to sullen by Saturday.


The YAC's birthday is Friday. She's turning 14. Wow. I'm old. (Mrs. A, on the other hand, is still youthful and fresh...that's my story and I'm sticking to it) She's been counting down the days, and of course, I keep telling her what I tell her every year (she'd be disappointed if I didn't...really), "Oh, I didn't tell you? We've cancelled that due to lack of interest."

"Daaaaaaad," as her eyes roll back in her head.

Believe it or not, I think that one of the most comforting sounds she can make. Fills me with that sense of accomplishment that only certain parents can lay claim to. My kid views me affectionately as a dork. A geeber. Someone who can reliably be counted on to cause her no end of embarrassment.

Sweet. My work here is done.

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