Monday, October 25, 2004

Where to start?

Well, as I mentioned previously, I did a two-step with a headache off and on most of the day on Friday. I felt muy bueno after eating lunch, but then started to feel a little puny again later in the afternoon. (I figured out later that I’d forgotten to take my sinus pill that morning – duh) Still went to the football game to watch the band march. It rained before the game and then stopped and started again mid-way through the first quarter. By the time the band marched at half-time, it was coming down pretty steadily, but not in buckets as it oftentimes does here in Texas.

The band came back to the stands and after the opening kickoff for the third quarter, they marched right back out to the bus and headed for dryer climes. It didn’t break my heart to go home early.

As for the game, I’m glad we didn’t stay, even though our boys did win it in the end. It only took 4 overtimes to do it. Us old geezers need our sleep.


Got up on Saturday and decided that I’d go vote on my way to work. Got to the main early voting site in bee-you-tee-full downtown Fort Worth and discover that the county has gone all high-tech on me. First time I’ve used an electronic voting machine. It was pretty simple to operate, but I still prefer the old paper ballots. With paper, you at least have some proof you were there. If some of those “1”s and “0”s decide to migrate where they don’t belong or die or reproduce and you wind up with a corrupted data file, I’m not sure you can ever convince most reasonable folks that it’s been recovered without errors. (not to mention the rather large subset of folks who are regular listeners of Art Bell) Sometimes low-tech is still better.

I’m reminded of the cartoon where the sales guy spends ten minutes searching through the on-line real-time inventory to see if a particular item is in stock while standing next to a stack of that very item.

Anyway, I don’t suppose it will come as a great surprise to know that I chose George W. Bush over John “Nuance This” F. Kerry. I mentioned before that most of the offices had an unopposed candidate, all Republicans with the exception of the Constable in my precinct, who is a Democrat. Probably the closest I’ve ever come to voting a straight party ticket. I did vote for one Republican candidate as a protest vote. The incumbent for the State House Representative is a Democrat, and all-in-all, I have no real complaints about the job he’s done. I almost voted for him until I remembered the redistricting fiasco of last year and how his fellow Democrats left the state rather than stay and vote.

The other thing that ran through my mind as I was using the electronic voting machine was “flu season.” How often do they clean these machines anyway? Certainly not after every use. What if the guy who used this last had just picked his nose or sneezed or something? Ewwwww. Germ city. I rotated the dial and pressed the buttons using just my thumb. Then, as soon as I got to work, I went and washed my hands with soap. Another reason paper ballots are better.


Saturday afternoon it was off to the local stadium for the 3A Area Marching Band Competition. The competition started at 9 AM, but we didn’t play until 3:30 and so I just snuck in (so to speak) late. The performance went well and the Eldest Aardvark Child’s brief solo was flawless (naturally). Twenty-five bands had advanced from the Region Competition to the Area Competition. Of those, ten would be selected to compete in the evening finals. The top five of those would advance to state.

Finalists were announced about 5:30. Sweet. We made it. Not only that but by the luck of the draw, we played first at 7:15. The second performance went as well as the first, maybe even a little better. I grabbed the Youngest Aardvark Child and headed for the house. Mrs. A stayed with the EAC (and the rest of the band) until about 10:30 or so when the bands advancing to state were announced.

Next weekend Mrs. A will be traveling with the band to San Antonio as they compete in the state finals. They leave Sunday night, compete Monday and return on Tuesday.

I tell you, there’s nothing quite like living vicariously.

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