Friday, October 29, 2004

What dreams may come

Y'all know how hard it is to craft words just so. (Yes, to write this poorly takes YEARS of practice)

This morning I dreamt I was a speech writer, writing stump speeches for Dick Cheney. That part's a little weird, but the really weird part is I also had to craft the speeches so they could be delivered not just by Dick Cheney but also by a giraffe.

Which I guess got me to thinking about giraffes and wondering if they chewed their cud. I concluded that they must not as the force it would take to get the cud back up from their stomach(s?) would probably cause them to explode. It's quite the visual. And it does make you thankful that I wasn't in charge the day giraffes were created or we'd have some real messes to clean up.

Between speeches.

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