Monday, October 18, 2004

In other news

Here are a couple of quick-hits on the status of the parents.

Mrs. A's mother is still living with us (into the sixth week) and Mrs. A is still trying to track down a doctor that will treat ALL of her Mom's ailments. There is a doctor's visit this afternoon that may hold some promise...but then again may not. Mom has gotten a little bit better, but still is a long way from being able to care for herself. She's convinced that she CAN'T do some of the things Mrs. A thinks she should be capable of - like walking MORE than the 30 or so feet from the bedroom to the living room, or trying to squeeze a ball to gain some hand strength. Mrs. A thinks it's more of a WON'T than a can't and is going to ask the doctor about it today to clarify what to expect. Mrs. A also suspects that her Mom is using her infirmities as a tool for manipulating (never would have seen THAT one coming) what she will try to do or not. It seems that every time things don't quite go the way Mom wants, she goes through a "bad" spell. Mrs. A says it's like having a full grown three-year-old in the house. Needless to say, your prayers for compassion, patience and peace will be (are) greatly appreciated.

I went to see my Dad two weeks ago and had one of the best visits in a long time. He had three good days in a row and seems to have stabilized a bit - with the rate of change in his tumor/cancer/???? slowing to almost nothing. Two of my sisters were there this past week and they report that he had some good days and some bad days and a few so-so days while they were there, so it looks like I really was fortunate that he felt so well when I visited. We all agree though, that if things have slowed down, there is a pretty decent chance of him being around for many years yet. So, call me "cautiously optimistic." He feels bad about "the false alarm" (it wasn't, but since he didn't die, he thinks it was) he raised earlier this year, but all the kids agree that it has provided us a great opportunity to spend some meaningful time with him.

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