Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I consider myself a reasonable man

Your mileage may vary.

I know it's wrong to speak of my employee this way, but some days I'm convinced she's too stupid to live.

(Other days she is a normal, competent, thinking human being. The problem is I never know from one day to the next which version will show up.)

Take yesterday for instance. We have a recurring printing job, but before we can print it, one of the head honchos (my boss' boss) has to indicate his approval by opening the program on his PC and checking the designated "Approve" box.

I got a call from his assistant saying he had verbally approved printing, but we needed to wait a couple of minutes before trying to print as he was just now logging into the system to check the "Approve" box.

I told my employee, "You're ok to print - just wait a couple of minutes before you try." She nodded her head in response. (Silly me, I took this as a sign of comprehension)




That was at about 1:30.

We are in an off-site location and as a result, we rely on three scheduled courier runs to shuttle stuff back and forth between offices. The last courier run of the day is at 3:00, and I had indicated to the folks waiting on the print job that it would be on that last courier run.

As the courier walked by to pick up the pouch, my employee says to me, "So, what's the status of our print job? Have you heard anything yet?"

"Only what I told you earlier - to wait a couple of minutes and then print."

"So, we're good to print?" she says as I watch the courier go out the door.


"Yes, you're good to print."

"Oh, I didn't know if the job was approved so I haven't tried to print yet."

(You can't print this job without the "Approve" box being checked.)

"Well, since it won't let you print without it being approved, shouldn't you have figured out that it was approved when I told you you could print?"


I had to call folks back to tell them the print would be on the 8:00 run this morning instead.

Like I said, some days ...

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