Monday, September 27, 2004

Weekend? What weekend?

I just looked at the calendar and it says I had two whole days off...

I wonder what happened to them?

I need to get me one of those jobs where you work 2 days and are off 5. (do those exist?) Or better yet, one where I can miss 75% of the time and not get dinged for it. But we don't have a senate race in Texas until 2006.


Went to the TCU game Saturday. Turned out about like I expected. (We lost in 2OT 45-44) I know we have a lot of defensive players banged-up, but you'd think the coach, being a "defensive genius", could figure out some way to stop the pass with the guys he has.

I was less than impressed with his decision to "save" his timeouts for the second half. The clock was at 1:19 in the second quarter when the Frogs stopped the USF Bulls around their 30 yard line, forcing a punt. We had two time outs left and would get the ball with decent field position. Naturally, coach Patterson let the clock run. They ran it down to 30 seconds and took the delay of game penalty. We got the ball on the 35 with 19 seconds left and took a knee. I'm developing a bald spot from scratching my head so much.


What a week to have Peyton Manning in fantasy football. Almost 400 yards passing and 5 touchdowns. SWEET! And Tiki Barber came through for me too. I have a wide receiver in tonight's game, but my opponent this week is done. I'm going to win by about 40 points, moving the Rabble Rousers to 2-1 on the season.

I liked Jim's idea, I think next year the AoW should have a league. (using the FREE Yahoo service, of course)


The EAC and I saw the Michael Vick Nike commercial yesterday. We both liked it. But not enough to run right out and by Nike shoes. But then again, that's not the point of a lot of advertising anyway. Name brand advertising is more geared to leaving you with a good general impression of the brand so that the NEXT time you're purchasing, you'll be more inclined to purchase their brand.


Two commercials I currently despise:
  1. The Honda commercial where the woman leaves to "go slip into something more comfortable" and then crashes her car through the window, skidding sideways and rolling down the passenger side window to beckon her date with a smirky smile.
  2. The Cadillac STS commercial with all the other cars "dancing" in the ballroom.

Why do I despise these two? They both have (at the insistance of their lawyers, I'm sure) the disclaimer, "do not attempt". Ya think? Why I routinely crash my car through the wall of my house! Who do they think they are, telling me not to? And of course, I have a huge 3 story, 4 acre ballroom out back where my friends and I hold regular car dances. Why wouldn't I bring my new STS to show off?

The older I get, the less tolerant I am of people who insist I'm stupid.


And just to make the rest of you feel old (er), today is teen heart-throb, Shaun Cassidy's 46th birthday.

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