Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Texas soul

The reason I was out driving last night is that the Youngest Aardvark Child had an oboe lesson. In Arlington. Which is where I work now. Which means I had to drive the 24 miles home to get her just to drive back.

She brought a book along (shocking! (not really - it'd be shocking if she DIDN'T)) to amuse herself, and I had the radio with convention coverage to keep me entertained. One of the breaks featured a commercial by Nolan Ryan. Y'all know Nolan Ryan, right? Big goofy guy who made big money playing catch? Nolan is Texan to the core. When he talks there's no mistaking where he's from.

He was shilling for Olshan Foundation Repair (that's houses, not girdles, bras, panties and slips (I just wanted an excuse to say "girdles, bras, panties and slips" if you must know)). Foundation repair is a big business in Texas due to the heat and type of soil we have here. It's a good thing I knew what the commercial was for or I might have thought Nolan had become a preacher the way he kept talking about the Texas soul.

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