Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Friday Night Follies

Got a call form the EAC Friday afternoon asking if K could ride to and from the game with us. She didn't sound too happy to be asking, which makes sense, since K has not been afforded "Most Favored Classmate" status, but evidently his ride backed out at the last minute and he was desperately trying to find another. And since K knew me, he decided to beg the EAC to ask.

K was Cornelius in My Fair Lady Hello Dolly [need to fire that copy editor](which is how he knows me) and is really quite a talented actor. But like a lot of actors (and non-actors, for that matter) he has a big ego that he needs to feed on a regular basis. Which is why he's not on the EAC's list (see Horn, Tooting One's Own). His self-promotion for the title of Mr. Fine Arts has worn thin (one of the reasons he wanted to go the game so desperately - since he's not IN the band, he can at least say he was there SUPPORTING the band). I told the EAC that it was fine with me if he rode with us. I got his phone number and called him once I got home to find out where he lived and tell him what time we (the YAC and I) would be there.

The YAC brought a book and rode in the back seat. I put K up front so she wouldn't have to deal with him. K is really quite a likeable kid once you get past his front. I think most of his self-promoting bravado is really a mask for some deep seated insecurities (having your own makes them easier to recognize in others). I don't know what his home life is like, but it struck me that he could really use a male role model. He seemed to soak up the conversation and became less self-promoting the longer we talked. Like he realized he didn't have to draw my attention because I really was interested in what he had to say or something. I think that surprised him a little.

Anyway, it was a good trip to Corinth, TX and back (with the EAC added into the mix on the way back). About a 45 minute drive North and then Southeast (proving once again, you can't get there from here). I really think the folks in Corinth (NW of Dallas) missed an opportunity by forming the Lake Dallas ISD. They were THIS close to being the Corinthians...then again they probably just didn't want to hassle with the folks from the ACLU. So instead of facing the Corinthian Centurions or the Corinthian Phalanx or the Corinthian Legion or the Corinthian Guard, we faced off against the Lake Dallas Falcons. Just doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

The Falcons moved up a classification this year to 4A. We're a 3A school. And then there was the whole thing with the Falcons making it to the State Playoffs last year...let's just say it wasn't the Blue and Red's best night, ok? Oddly enough, I predicted the final score midway through the second quarter. The Falcons finished at 12 under par and we were just set to tee-off. Too bad we weren't watching them play golf. Final score 60-0. Ouch.

And the band didn't have a great night either. Not that I could tell, since at the last minute, I got roped into taking pictures of someone's little darling with their digital camera. So, instead of being able to watch the show, I spent my time trying to figure out where this kid was and then trying to catch him standing still so the picture wouldn't be all blurry. I took about 20 shots by the midpoint of the show and I decided I should check to see how they were coming out. (it being a totally foreign camera to me up until fifteen minutes prior) I was not real happy to see that only the first two shots were in the memory.

Here's a hint. When you want pictures of your child's performance and your memory card holds 142 shots, perhaps you should clear off some of the old shots from April and May so you don't already have 140 shots on the card before you hand it to me. Just saying.

So, I didn't really get to see much of the halftime show. I did hear later that the low brass had really created a mess when they all came in two beats early at one point. When all your formations depend on everyone having the right count, well...

The Lake Dallas band's half-time show was music from the Pirates of the Caribbean and their flag corps were dressed like pirates. Being pirate freaks, the EAC and the YAC both had to purchase a pirate bandanna at the concession stand. Then they didn't understand why I wouldn't let them run around afterwards with them on. Hello? Gang activity? Anyone? Maybe I'm just too protective, but I don't need some punk-*** thug driving by and mistaking my kids for rival gang members. Not that Corinth is a hot-bed of gang activity, but you never know these days.

Anyway, there's nothing quite like Friday Night Football in Texas, unless it's Friday Night Football in Alabama, or Georgia, or Tennessee, or Florida, or ... well, you get the point.

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