Thursday, September 02, 2004


It's here at last! TCU's home opener is tonight and I've got my ticket in my pocket!

Since Mrs. A is out of town, I'm taking along a buddy of mine - the Big Dog. The game doesn't start until 8:30 because it's televised. Yikes. I don't think I can make it throught the whole game. Need my beauty sleep and all that.

And don't tell Child Protective Services, but I'm leaving my kids HOME ALONE! At seventeen and almost fourteen, they should be able to behave for a couple of hours without supervision. Plus I'll have my phone with me.

I'd take them with me, but it is a school night and with Mrs. A gone, they've been getting up earlier than usual to make their own lunches and so they're already dragging without me keeping them out late.

I rationalized that well, don't you think?

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