Monday, September 20, 2004

Football thoughts

Here's an assortment of various football thoughts from this past weekend.

Friday night's homecoming game was played against the Yellowjackets. And of course, their colors were black and ... orange. Go figure. A hard fought game which could have gone either way, but thanks to a holding penalty negating a Lion's touchdown went the wrong way. There's always next year.

Saturday's TCU game in Lubbock saw the Frogs give up 7 touchdowns ... in the second half. Ouch. The secondary has been their weakest link for several years now and after surviving last year's shootout with Houston (62 - 55), I more or less feared Saturday's end result.

Did pull for the Auburn boys to win, and that turned out ok.

Saw the ad for next weeks game between Bama and Arkansas. Is it still possible to root for a tie? If not, Roll Tide.

Watched the Cowboy/Browns game yesterday, and felt the first conflicting tugs of Fantasy Football. I wanted the Cowboys to win, but kept rooting for Kellen Winslow to come up with a big play or two for the Browns since he's one of my guys.

As for the FF outcome this week, that's still up in the air. I'm currently leading by about 12 points, but all my guys are done. My opponent has the Viking's kicker and Donovan McNabb from tonight's game. I'm thinking I lose this week. Unless McNabb plays tonight like Garcia did yesterday. (not likely)

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