Friday, September 24, 2004

Earth Girl

She keeps an online journal where bits of her peek through
She has a loving husband and a teen-age boy ( X 2! )
She left behind her corporate job and the luxuries it afforded
To spend her days in other ways (for which she's been rewarded)
She likes to bake and cook and sew and always seems to think of others
Playing 'monster tag' in the dark, I know she's not your boring sort of mother!

She often tells us of her pond
And other things of which she's fond
Like sunrise and the morning dew,
Lilies, butterflies, blackbirds, cherries
Fireflies, iris, fresh blueberries
These are just to name a few

The way she writes of growing things
Displays the inner joy they bring
Creation in its verdant glory
And as they grow up all around
You sense with sight and smell and sound
The things she tells of in her stories

I'm glad she lets us tag along to see the world through eyes so kind
When Earth Girl's in her garden, contentment isn't far behind

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