Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Driving me crazy

I don't know if it's just the lingering effects of the last full moon or there is something in the water locally (another reason to only drink cokes (as in the Southern generic coke-as-catch-all-generic-term-for-fizzy-drinks, not as in Coca Cola (although that certainly is an option))) or the mind-control satellites have gone slightly out of alignment or what...

But I think I've seen enough bad/scary/weird driving things in the last 24 hours to last me for quite a while.

* Like the guy in the old Econoline van who was drinking SOMEthing straight from a gallon jug while traveling at 10 MPH below the posted speed. (although with the Econoline that part is understandable)

* Or the two cars that were bumper to bumper traveling 60 MPH - an older model Mercedes in front, a really old Ford Galaxy (or similar behemoth) behind. I first noticed them when the Mercedes started swerving violently from side to side. I thought the Ford had rammed him. Then I noticed the Ford had it's hazard lights on. Hmmm. The Mercedes must be towing the Ford. They need to slow down if the Mercedes is that difficult to handle in this situation. As I sped up and moved over another lane to pass them with as much room as possible, I realized I was wrong. The Ford HAD rammed the Mercedes, but only because the Ford was PUSHING the Mercedes bumper-to-bumper! A dangerous maneuver at slow speeds on lightly traveled roads.

* Or the car that zipped from the far left lane to the far right lane right at an on-ramp with yet another car at full speed ready to merge. Both of them hit the accelerator and had to be doing at least 90 before the on-ramp petered out and that car edged his way in front of the other car.

What's really freaky is that these three incidents were within 3 minutes and 3 miles of each other! I was just glad to make it safely home.

Then this morning, there were at least half a dozen jerks who felt it necessary to zip in and out of lanes like madmen, braking and accelerating with wild abandon.

I'm telling you, my next car is going to have steel plating, rocket launchers and a tranquilizer dispenser. (not necessarily in that order)

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