Thursday, August 12, 2004


I think I finally figured out why I have such a negative gut reaction to John Kerry.

I like pretty things. (No, this isn't going where you might think) I enjoy looking at various forms of art and can appreciate the beauty of pleasing design in architecture and automobiles and electronic gadgets and all sorts of things.


Given the choice between something that is beautiful to look at but impractical to use (Frank Lloyd Wright springs to mind) and something that may not look like much but works well, I'll pick the latter every time. Over the years I've had a bunch of pens that looked cool, but wouldn't write worth anything (could be the user). They wind up in the garbage can or at the back of the desk drawer.

Substance trumps form in my book.

And that's where John Kerry comes in. He strikes me as all form and no substance. He would be a much more appealing candidate if he could just pick a position (any position) and stick with it. The only position he seems firm on is that he believes he should be President. Everything else is negotiable.

And that just leaves me cold.

I laughed out loud at the news a couple of days ago when they asked a Kerry supporter what they liked most about the man and the answer was, "His decisiveness."

Put down the Kool-Aid and step away slowly.

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