Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Now, where were we?

CHECK. Check.

CHECK one.

CHECK two.

All right! This thing still works!

Last night’s dinner table conversation saw yet another appearance of Yoda, or "Green Guy" as he’s sometimes known.

(My great nephew was about three when Episode One came out and he didn’t follow much of what went on plot-wise, but he was a big fan of Yoda. He would earnestly say to people he met, "You like Green Guy? I like Green Guy too!")

Over the years, Yoda has appeared to advance conversational plot points many a time. He’s even been known to offer advice on table manners once or twice: "Use the Fork, Luke. Use the Fork." Last night Yoda showed up after the topic of conversation somehow became ‘overly animated wizened little short guys’.

(Say, that’d make a swell Jerry Springer show, wouldn’t it? Overly Animated Wizened Little Short Guys and the Women Who Love Them. Oh, sorry … where were we? Oh, yeah.)

Don’t ask me how or why; conversations at the Aardvark burrow generally careen out of control and wind up in one ditch or another.

LittleA: "Ah. The Farce is strong in this one."

Eldest Aardvark Child: "Ha ha ha ha … hey. You said ‘farce’?"

LittleA: "Yeah. Farce."

EAC: "Oh, heh, heh."

LittleA: "You know what a farce is, right?"

EAC: "Yeah. But I wasn’t sure if you meant that or just mispronounced ‘Force’."

LittleA: "Well, either I meant ‘Farce’ or Yoda is Irish."

EAC: "He IS!?!"

That pretty well ended conversation as it took Mrs. A at least a minute to stop squeezing tears out she was laughing so hard.

I swear, I can’t make this stuff up.

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