Monday, August 30, 2004

Mayhem for the Missus

Plenty of mayhem for Mrs. A this weekend. And this time it's not my fault.

She got the call Saturday morning that her mother was in the hospital in Houston. After much scrambling and chaos (Mrs. A HATES scrambling and chaos) I drove her over to her brother's house in Dallas. Took her bag straight out of our car and put it into his. He did let her take a few seconds to use 'the necessary', but they didn't waste any time getting on the road.

They called late Saturday evening and gave the report - her mother had been nauseous for the better part of a week and hadn't been able to keep anything down. Between that and the many different meds she takes, she wound up getting dehydrated, blacking out and falling - hitting her head in the process. We think it happened Friday night, but it could have possibly been Thursday. At some point she was able to crawl to the phone and dial 911. Needless to say, her Mom isn't much help in putting together what happened as she is only semi-coherent, has no sense of time and has difficulty separating what's real from what she's seen in her delirium. She claims to have seen Jesus at some point.

The doctors have been treating her nausea and her dehydration, but now she is beginning to experience the aches and pains associated with taking a fall. She hasn't been up and around yet and her foot has started to swell, so they're going to take X-rays of that today. Her doctor is concerned about her hip since she fell and broke that last year. Mrs. A seems to think that the hip isn't a problem gauging from what her Mom has said and the fact that she doesn't seem to be experiencing the same level of pain as before.

There is still no indication from the doctors when they will let her go home which, as you can imagine, is causing Mrs. A some degree of frustration. Mrs. A is all about having a plan and a schedule so this waiting around for indefinite periods of time is killing her.

Needless to say, the rest of us are also experiencing some Mom withdrawal pains and the effects of having no one around to tell us what we're doing, where we need to be and what time we need to be there.

I did (finally) remember this morning to feed the fish. Then I remembered that I was supposed to feed the turtles on Saturday. Hey, Saturday, Monday ... close enough, right? They do eat bugs and stuff, so it's not like they're totally dependent on us. (Maybe if I could teach them to bark or something, they'd get more attention...)

Fortunately, because Mrs. A was able to ride to Houston with her brother (she's using her Mom's car while she's there), her car is still here and available for the EAC to use. We've worked out an arrangement with one of our friends (who's also one of the YAC's teachers) for the EAC to drop the YAC off in the morning at her house, since she has to be at school much earlier than her sister. The EAC will be able to pick the YAC up from school, at least for the next couple of days. I'll probably have to leave work early on Wednesday to pick up the YAC since the EAC works that night. All in all, I think it can be done without me missing too much work.

Of course, my plans for going to visit my Dad this upcoming weekend may get turned all sideways before we're through, but I talked to him yesterday and warned him that that was a possibility.

Other than that, things were pretty quiet this weekend.

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