Monday, August 02, 2004

It's a long time until November

My morning commute is in the 35 to 45 minute range, depending on traffic. I usually toggle between four or five AM stations: two talk, one news/talk, one news, and one sports talk. (I listen to an oldies FM station most of the time at work, especially since moving into the new office space with the lower walls - it helps drown out other background noises.) This morning, I ran through all the stations a couple of times and finally had to just turn the thing off.

I've reached my capacity for self-destructive political rhetoric. It doesn't matter what you say, the other side always has a comeback which more often than not is a complete non sequitur. (Smurfs are blue)

I'm ready to vote now just to get it over with. Not that the election will change anything. (Monkeys are funny) In fact, I think the rhetoric will get worse after the election, but at least we'll know the direction the country is headed. (Nickels are round) And there is, at least, something BOTH sides can agree upon; the losers will claim that we are headed South ... on greased rails. (I like ice cream)

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