Tuesday, August 17, 2004

It's a blog's life

Had dinner Thursday evening with a couple we went to church with back when the kids were little (ours and theirs). They’re about 5 years younger than we are but our kids are roughly the same ages. I have expended my normal amount of effort in keeping up with them (none) and Mrs. A, as usual, has carried the load. Actually over the years, Mrs. A and Mrs. R (for lack of a more clever name) have used each other as a life-line. They were doing the "phone a friend" thing long before Regis made it part of his act.

Interestingly enough, (at least I think so) having dinner with them (sans children) felt completely natural, like we never hadn’t skipped a beat. Of course us guys were pretty content with making guy noises and the like. Since we were eating dinner, we couldn’t REALLY grunt, spit, fart and scratch, settling for the metaphorical equivalent of telling about stupid things we’ve done and how we hurt ourselves in the process. (a topic I seem to have a wealth of material in)

Mrs. A had mentioned her blog to Mrs. R a while back, but had had no indications from her on whether or not she had read it. She read it. She has it bookmarked and plans to keep on reading it. Uh oh. That means it’s a short hop and step from over there to over here, and now I’ve got to start minding my manners … or not. (can’t teach an Aardvark new tricks, you know)

Anyway, there’s yet another intersection between my virtual and real world. (I’m confused again, which one is which?)

Worked all day Saturday and all day Sunday to get one of my projects completed to the point where I could spend yesterday at … jury duty. Not just ANY jury duty, but jury duty for the City of Fort Worth. Now, I’ve been called several times for Tarrant County, and when I got the notice this time, I just noted the date and time and went on about my business. It wasn’t until Sunday night when I actually LOOKED at the summons that I realized, "Hey! This isn’t at the normal place." Good thing I looked.

So yesterday morning I got the privilege of taking the EAC to her first day of school as a Senior (SENIOR’S ROCK, DUDE!) and then high-tailed it downtown to find a parking spot. Tandy/RadioShack used to have a big free parking area down by the river with subway service into Tandy Center. Then they decided that’s where they were going to build their new campus for their home office. Bye-bye free parking. (Have I mentioned lately how cheap I am? The cheapest lot downtown is $6 a day!) So I went early yesterday to get one of the long-term meters out in the boonies. Found the last spot across the street from the Methodist day shelter and plugged about $1.50 into the meter and was good to go ‘til at least 4:30 in the afternoon. Of course, I had to WALK about 16 blocks to get to the right building, but that was ok.

So, as I’m walking downtown, it strikes me how long it’s been since I’ve had to do that (outside of the Sundance Square entertainment district anyway). It brought back memories of my FIRST summer in Fort Worth of walking downtown looking for the Federal building and the SSA office. (a long story) Somehow, 23 years later those same feelings came back. (Only without the panic)

One of the things that’s different is that now I’m looking at the old buildings and cornerstones and such wondering what Lileks would think of them, wishing I had a digital camera so I could snap some pictures to post.

Then, this morning in that short yet interminable gap between waking and WAKING I had a dream that Terry had had to help his son build something with gears and pullies and motors and such and so he did. And of course he posted for everyone to appreciate. The gizmo basically sent a ball bearing around a closed loop. I woke up just as I left a comment congratulating him on finally creating a perpetual motion machine. (and making a generous offer to split the royalties with him, of course)

It’s not like I’m addicted to this blog or anything…

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