Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I should have known

When the day started out the way it did.

I left the house early so I could swing by the gas station and fill up before work. I got out of the car and forgot to trip the gas release lever. Had a moments confusion over how the pump worked even though I've been using this station since they opened. I'd like to say it's because I was deep in thought, but that would actually require thinking, so that's right out. Once I realized I was out of sequence, I reached into my back pocket for my wallet. Pulled it out and my comb came with it and promptly dropped into the water/dirt/gasoline/oil sludge at the base of the pump. Picked it up and threw it into the trash.

I don't know if other guys are this way, but I kind of develop a ... fondness isn't the right word ... how about an affinity? ... yeah, that'll work. I develop an affinity for the things I carry around in my pockets. They may be ordinary, but they are MINE, and while wallets and knives and combs and money clips can be easily replaced, the new ones never start out with the same regard as the familiar old ones. They have to be carried a while before they are truly part of the ensemble. It's weird I know.

Anyway, I felt a moments pang at having to throw away my pocket comb. I LIKED that comb. Sure it's teeth weren't straight anymore and it bore various scuff marks, but it always was there when I needed it. What if my next comb was brittle or stiff or the teeth weren't spaced correctly? All these thoughts flashed through my head before I could realize how stupid they really sounded/are.

I normally bring a drink from home to drink on the way to work. This morning, since I was headed to the gas station, I decided to just pick one up there. So after completing the fill-up, I went in and purchased a 20 oz. Diet Vanilla Pepsi. (Mmmm...) On the way out of the store I pulled my sunglasses from my pocket and somewhere between there and my face managed to drop them. (Was there some time of nerve agent in my morning coffee?) They're flexible plastic frames, so I didn't think anything about it. I picked them up and smushed them onto my face. Only something was wrong with the left arm. There's a little rubber grip piece that slips over the end of the arm and I figured that had just slipped off somehow. Nope. The left arm had broken in the middle. Man, and I had just bought this pair this Spring. It's not like they were expensive or prescription or anything, but the were mine. See above. I LIKED these glasses.

Decided I could still wear them for the time being. Maybe some electricians tape is in order? I'm a dork, but not THAT big of dork. Yet.

Got to work and found the coup de grace. An email informing me that I was going to be the team lead on a new project. A BIG project that'll take a lot of time. On top of my other projects. And during my busiest time of year. Oh, and the first meeting is this afternoon.

Let me just say this so I can get past it. Waaaaahhhhh!

Ok, I feel better. I think. Maybe.

On the plus side, the Diet Vanilla Pepsi was good.

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